Why can't we all, all just be honest? ♫

Daiana, de Argentina..

♥: Pretty Little Liars - American Horror Story - Once Upon A Time - The Following - Once Upon A Time In Wonderland - Ravenswood.

Cats - Photography - The Sims - Programming - Skulls.

It’s a myth, what you heard about wishbones… That when you break them, whoever has the larger half gets a wish. It’s a story, created long ago by genies, to make people believe that you did not need to seek out a bottle in order to someday have what you desire. And so to this day, people keep pulling wishbones apart, hoping that magic will spill out of them. But what a wishbone really wants is no different from what we all want. To be joined to our other half. And if we’re separated, you will do whatever it takes to be together again. Just like a wishbone. 

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